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Vetiver Grass

What is Vetiver Grass ?

Vetiver grass is a tropical plant which grows naturally.

Vetiver grass can be found growing in a wide range of area from highlands to lowlands in the Kilimanjaro region.

The common species is referred in scientific terms as "Vetiveria Zizaniodes".

It appears in a dense clump and grows usually fast through tillering. The clumo diameter is about 30 cm and the highest up to 150 cm.

The leaves are erect and rather stiff with 75 cm of lenghth and 8 mm of width.


What are the uses of Vetíver Grass ?

We can make use of every part of Vetiver Grass:


Culm / Leaf:

  • Happening crop residues and silts.
  • Roof thatching
  • As raw material for making paper. (Visit: The Kilipaper Project)
  • Making ropes, mats, hats, baskets etc.
  • As animal fodder for sheep, cattle, etc.
  • Mulching, covering the ground of animals and stables
  • As planting material for mushroom culture and for making compost others.


  • Absorbing water and maintaining soil moisture.
  • Absorbing minerals and nutrients / decomposting as organic matters, thus making the soil friable.
  • Absorbing toxic substances in chemical pesticides.
  • Improving the physical elements og the soil.
  • Making screens, blinds, jans, handbags etc.
  • Making herbs and skin-care substances.
  • Extracting volatile oils for making parfume and aromatic ingredients for soap.
  • As insect repellent